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My Journey began back in 2014 with my first golden retriever Winnie. After recovering from an accident that resulted in significant burns I was looking for a companion to help provide support. I chose the Golden Retriever for their happy go-lucky reputation. She was true to the breed and had the most fantastic characteristics. She was gentle, patient, loving, calm, eager to please, and always happy. Everyone she met, she always greeted them with a smile and her tail wagging. She is where our breeding program began. Winnie inspired me to share the joy she shared with me. I learned as much as I could to prepare me for the adventure ahead. I became well versed in the role of genetics of breeding, the fundaments of proper stimulation when raising puppies, and how important temperament is. I scouted for the best of the best with importing lines from all over the world.  All of my dogs are AKC registered as well as OFA certified with genetic testing for avoidable mutations that can be common in the breed.  I have worked with families who needed service, therapy or family companions. I am well versed in helping families select the perfect puppy.  My dogs are raised in a loving home under my care and superrvision. I do not believe in a kennel facilitation as I want all of our dogs have as much family time as possible. I encourage all families to come meet us and see first hand where their puppy is raised. For me it is important to meet the families our babies would be going home to.  I am the first breeder in my area to raise puppies in such a creative and innovative manner.  Excelling and raising the bar each and every litter. I was also first to create this very website that hosts multiple resources and educational features for families. Setting the bar high for others to follow and imitate. I personally spend the time raising each and every litter getting to know each and every puppy. For me this isn't just a passion its a lifestyle. I refuse to be the average stereotypical breeder.  



Each step is one step closer to your new snuggle pup


Pick Your Pup!

Browse our easy to use website to find the perfect puppy that you’d like to bring back home and into your hearts and family


Reach Out

Contact us with any questions about your potential new family member or set up a visit to meet them.  We can do this in person and/or virtually!


Make a Reservation

Made your decision?  This part isn't too ruff!  If you are ready to commit to a reservation proceed with the reservation process  


Come get em! 

Come bring your new addition to their fur-ever home to meet the rest of the family!


312 Amity Road Bethany CT 06524

(203) 727-8702

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